The Calloways        Southern Country Gospel Music At It's Best
About Us
The Calloways are a full time southern country gospel music ministry.  They love to help and participate in their community and church activities.  God called them in the ministry in the year 2000, and He has blessed them abundantly.

The Calloway's mission is to take God's word to the world through music, song, and testimony.  "To us a song is a sermon to minister to everyone in all walks of life."  God has called them to use the talents He has giving them to fulfill that mission and the journey He has sent them on.  The Calloways understand that their calling is to carry His word to all people and to lift up the Kingdom He has prepared for us all. 
The Calloway's goal is to reach as many people as they can and help lead them to our Lord Jesus Christ.  They plan to continue traveling and spreading the word of God through testimony and song across the USA.  "To us a song is a sermon and we are so glad that God chose us to carry out His word through music".

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